Proposal Letter

This serves, first, to introduce our company, Mascot Insurance Brokers Limited, to your esteemed organisation. Mascot Insurance Brokers Limited is a duly registered and licensed Insurance Broking firm transacting business as Brokers, Risk Management Consultants, Life and Pensions, Health Insurance Consultants and Claims Service Experts.
Our services, which are at NO COST to yourselves, ensure the best of rates and terms are obtained on your behalf from Insurance companies. In addition, we are positively disposed towards packaging tailor-made solutions to suit your operations. Our role as Brokers also ensures that Insurers, as a matter of obligation, pay your claims equitably and promptly. Please find below, an analysis of the various insurances recommended for your consideration:

FIRE AND EXTRANEOUS PERILS: This policy provides indemnity for loss or damage as a result of fire, lightning and explosion of boilers used for domestic purposes, and not forming part of any gas work.
This cover is taken out on virtually all the property /assets of the company that may conceivably be destroyed by fire and extraneous perils. These assets are usually grouped under the following heads.      

BURGLARY AND HOUSEBREAKING: This policy provides indemnity for loss or damage by actual forcible and violent entry into or out of the premises or any attempt thereat.

COMPREHENSIVE HOUSEHOLDERS’/HOUSEOWNERS’ POLICY: This policy provides indemnity for loss of or damage to the insured Building, Contents etc caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion of Gas/Boilers, Flood, Storm, Theft etc.

The policy covers various sections such as Building, Contents, All Risks on moveable items such as Jewelleries, Computer Laptops, Mobile Phones, etc.

FIDELITY GUARANTEE: This policy provides indemnity for the insured against all direct pecuniary loss sustained by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any of the insured employees in connection with the employees occupation during the period of guarantee and discovered during the currency of the policy or within twelve months of its expiry or termination of employment, whichever shall first happen.

COMBINED WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION/GROUP PERSONAL ACCIDENT: This policy provides compensation to employees for death or bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of, and in the course of employment during and after working hours. It also caters for medical expenses incurred as a result of injury sustained by your employee.

GOODS- IN- TRANSIT INSURANCE: This policy provides indemnity for loss or Damage to the property insured whilst in transit.

BONDS: Simply put are instruments offering guarantee that one party will execute appropriately, the contract awarded by another. There are various types: Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Credit Bond, Counter Indemnity and Bid Bond.
CONTRACTORS ALL RISK: This is a summary of the risk to which a contractor is exposed in the cause of executing a contract at a site. Some of this includes damage to Pilferage of Equipments/Materials, Injury to staff and Liability to third party.

PLANT ALL RISKS: This policy provides indemnity for loss or damage by any accident or misfortune to insured plants and machinery, including while in transit.

MOTOR INSURANCE: There are three relevant covers under this heading:
(i)       Comprehensive
(ii)      Third Party Fire and Theft
(iii)     Third Party Only.

GROUP LIFE/PENSIONS: The Group Life also known as Death-in-service provides compensation for the deceased’s dependant, while the Pension scheme assists individuals to save for their retirement and also to ensure that every worker receives their retirement benefits as and when due.

HEALTH INSURANCE: This is made possible through our partnering with a number of industry leaders in Managed Health Care which allows you access to qualitative medical attention at all times. Three levels of health plans are available, in most cases, from which you can make a choice, or, a combination, depending on your needs and resources available.

MARINE INSURANCE: This policy provides indemnity for loss or damage to the insured hull or cargo and could be further divided to as stated below:
(i)       Marine Hull Insurance Policy
(ii)      Marine Cargo Insurance Policy
We would therefore like to be appointed as the Insurance Brokers to your organisation and look forward to meeting with you for further discussion.

For further enquiry, you may contact any of the under listed:

Fatai Alimi                      08091500756
FUNMI OYAFEMI                    08034888885    
OTUSANYA SAMUEL              08023780142
OKOLONTA JANE                  08029690113

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